Name of the Company Ever Bright Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Types of Service Manpower Consultant and Recruiting Agency
Registration Authority Ministry of Industries
Office of the Company Registrar
Company Registration No.: 177373/074/075
Ministry of Labour, Employment & Social Security
Department of Foreign Employment
Govt. License No: 1465/074/075
Ministry of Finance Department of Internal Revenue
Pan No: 606861403
Member Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies
Contact Person 1)  Om Kumar Gupta – Chairman
2) Rambabu Shah – Managing Director
Capital Structures Authorized – 10 Million Nepalese Rupees
Issued – 10 Million Nepalese Rupees
Paid-Up – 10 Million Nepalese Rupees
Legal Advisor
Official Bank Prime Commercial Bank
Operated / Managed by Business Finance, HR, Law and Administrative Management Experts
/Advisors Professional from Nation Lead Organizations of Nepal.
Working Experiences Comprehensive background in Implementing and accomplishing
Company’s mission by working at extensive level in senior
management capacity for years in the national and international
organizations & overseas employment business fields.
Address Sinamagal-9, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel No.: +977-01-5911758, 5911759